Mokka Taart

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Here’s Mom’s recipe for Mokka Taart (Coffee Cake, sort of) requested by a few people. You can also find it in If I Can Cook It You Can Cook It Cookbook.


10 eggs

300 grams of sugar

200 grams of all-purpose flour (or Silk)

2 pkg. vanilla sugar

Directions: Separate yolk from egg. Mix yolk and sugar together for 20 minutes with an electric mixer. Mix the white with vanilla sugar for 5 minutes and then mix in the flour. Now, gently, by hand, mix all the ingredients together (electric hand mixer is allowed). Bake in oven at 325 F for 40 minutes. Cool on rack. Cut in half only after it’s cooled.

Filling for Cake: (Do this the night before.)

Strawberry jam, enough to spread across the whole cake. Add rum to taste and refrigerate.

Cake Frosting:

115 grams of butter or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”

Confectioner’s sugar (As much as your sweet tooth will allow.)

1 tsp. instant coffee, melted in a little bit of hot water

Rum (optional, but very tasty, unless you’re using the jam/rum filling)



Recipe from: If I Can Cook It You Can Cook It Cookbook

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